September 29, 2023

Carcassonne Christmas Market, France

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas in Carcassonne, France, exploring its Christmas market filled with sparkling lights and gastronomic delights.
November 1, 2020

Grenoble Christmas Market, France

Since its creation in 1994, the Grenoble Christmas markets have become one of the most popular in the Rhône-Alpes region.
November 1, 2020

Perpignan Christmas Market, France

It is in December when the streets of Perpignan are transformed and managed to awaken the interest of locals and tourists who are encouraged to spend an entertaining afternoon in this small but charming Christmas market that feels more Spanish than French, being so close to Spain.
November 1, 2020

Les Féeries d’Auteuil Christmas Market in Paris, France

Every year-end, the Auteuil Foundation organizes the Christmas Market, which is characterized by a wonderfully decorated and illuminated environment, in a family and very friendly atmosphere. There are 9 days where Christmas is celebrated with a lot of solidarity, coexistence and light, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.
November 1, 2020

Paris 15th Arrondissement Christmas Market, France

Christmas is a time of year when society shares traditions and customs, each family as well as each country and city has its own.
November 1, 2020

Saint-Germain-des-Prés Christmas Market in Paris, France

The St Germain des Prés Christmas market is the smallest in Paris, but it is also one of the warmest. Every year it welcomes more and more people, offering a wide variety of artisanal and gastronomic products for all tastes.
November 1, 2020

Alsace Christmas Market at Gare de l’Est in Paris, France

This coming December, the famous Alsace Christmas market will once again take over the Paris Gare de l'Est station, being an ideal opportunity to find good products and discover new flavors thanks to the numerous tastings they offer.
November 1, 2020

La Défense Christmas Market in Paris, France

In this financial district of Paris, Christmas is also present every year; It differs from others because of the long path decorated with Christmas trees, illuminated figures and even a fountain, which serve as a backdrop for the magnificent La Defensa Christmas market, where you can enjoy a special atmosphere, with many things to do and see.
November 1, 2020

Champ de Mars Christmas Market in Paris, France

This Christmas Market is located in Paris, the city of lights, which looks its best during the Christmas season. On the Champs de Mars, a place full of lots of vegetation, it is a kind of lung in the middle of the modern city, which revives the landscape with all the lights and Christmas decorations that are in it.
October 31, 2020

Mercado Navideño de la Plaza de las Abadesas de Montmartre en París, Francia

It is not only about visiting the charming Christmas Market on Place des Abbesses, but also spending a few hours exploring the Montmartre neighborhood, which although it is not too extensive, without a doubt captivates you with its unforgettable corners, and if it is at Christmas, much more .
October 31, 2020

Les Halles Christmas Market in Paris, France

The shopping center where the Forum des Halles Christmas Market is located becomes a shopping paradise, as it has restaurants, shops, services, cinema and other leisure spaces distributed over four underground floors, decorated in the best Christmas style. Parisian.
October 31, 2020

Notre Dame Cathedral Christmas Market in Paris, France

In this market you will have the opportunity to admire the colors and Christmas lights that adorn it, in a square near the Notre Dame Cathedral, since it was moved while the cathedral is being repaired from the fires that hit it last year.
October 31, 2020

Bordeaux Christmas Market, France

Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River in southwestern France, on the Atlantic coast. The city is built on a bend in this river, and is one of the most important wine-producing areas in the world, in fact, it is considered the world capital of wine.
October 31, 2020

Rouen Christmas Market, France

And it is the entire city of Rouen that dresses in colors and lights up like no other at Christmas, I am talking about thousands of magical lights throughout the center of the medieval city.
October 31, 2020

Colmar Christmas Market, France

In Colmar, the preparation of Christmas and New Year's celebrations is a moment especially anticipated by all locals, since it is a moment of coexistence and sharing, important actions to return to the real family values that we so need.
October 31, 2020

Nice Christmas Market, France

Thousands of people, tourists and locals annually enjoy the city's festivities and the Nice Christmas Market, which are decorated with many lights, and make a magical path of Christmas and festive atmosphere with which the entire city is permeated, for the enjoy visitors.
October 31, 2020

Strasbourg Christmas Market, France

The most beautiful thing when Christmas arrives in Strasbourg is that the entire town lights up. And when the great Christmas Market is installed, the wonderful experience of a sensory journey is multiplied, which begins with the fairy lights and continues with the delicious aromas that are in the environment.
October 30, 2020

Montpellier Christmas Market, France

This is a traditional Christmas market in the south of France. It is a place that not only invites you to explore it, but also to discover extraordinary places with magical views, cultured towns, spectacular views and the infinite architectural elegance of the city.